Tau Ceti

Tau Ceti is a G-type star just under 12 light-years away from Sol, in the constellation Cetus. The Tau Ceti system was the first extrasolar system colonized by humanity through the UESC Marathon, which reached the star system in 2773 and in 2787 established a colony on the planet Tau Ceti IV. Another planet in the Tau Ceti system, Argolis, was also considered for human colonization.

The star system would come under attack by the Pfhor Empire in 2794, and the colony on Tau Ceti IV would be destroyed.[1]


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Project Marathon[edit]

Plans to colonize the Tau Ceti system under Project Marathon began in 2395 at the latest, when the Martian government sold Deimos to the UESC. Project Marathon commenced despite hostility to the colonization plan by the Martian populace and the Third Martian War, and the UESC Marathon was completed in 2472.[2] After the failed 2466 coup on Mars by the Martian terrorist organization MIDA, its members infiltrated the project in the hopes of hijacking the planned Tau Ceti Colony.

The Marathon arrived in Tau Ceti in 2773,[1] and began colonization efforts.

Colonization of Tau Ceti IV[edit]

The first human colony on Tau Ceti IV would be established in 2787.[1]

However, due to the machinations of the rampant AI Durandal, the colony would come under Pfhor attack in 2794 by the Sfiera. Despite initial success in repelling the initial attack thanks to the efforts of Durandal, Leela, the nine Mjolnir Battleroids, and the Security Officer, the colony would be unable to hold its own against Pfhor reinforcements. It was subsequently destroyed.

Project Goliath[edit]

The UESC officially lost contact with Tau Ceti in 2795, and began drafting a response codenamed "Project Goliath". The UESC Equanimity was modified and dispatched to the colony in the hopes of reestablishing contact. However, other elements from Traxus and MIDA discovered that the colony had gone dark, and are scrambling their own responses.[3] [4]


The exact population is unknown. Tycho claimed that there were 24,000 colonists killed during the Pfhor bombardment, though this number refers to the original crew of the Marathon upon its departure.[5]


While the UESC Marathon sported 3 dedicated AIs who kept it running, the colony below had its own dedicated compliment to aid them in a variety of tasks. There are 8 known Colony AIs:[6] [7]


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