Wasp Minor from Marathon 1994 Wasp Major from Marathon 1994
Wasps, encountered by the crew of the UESC Marathon
Physical information


Insectoid, with a single eye


Wasps are insectoid like aliens and one of the slave client races aboard the Pfhor scout ship, Sfiera. Capable of flight and sporting a single red eye, they hurl some form of an organic projectile as an attack.

During the Pfhor attack on the UESC Marathon, two forms of Wasps were encountered by the crew.

  • Wasp Majors - Noted for their brown body and single red eye
  • Wasp Minors - Noted for their white body and single white eye


  • Wasps only appear in the first Marathon game
  • Very little is known about the Wasps, as no information about their society or enslavement is given.
  • They do not rebel as the S'pht do after the Pfhor Controller is destroyed. Durandal remarks that they were held in line by fear and force of arms instead of mind control.[1]