A Drinniol from Marathon 1994
A Drinniol as encountered by the crew of the UESC Marathon
Physical information


Humanoid, large & thick skinned

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Drinniol were large humanoid aliens, and one of the many client races enslaved by the Pfhor. Dubbed Hulks by the human colonists during the Pfhor's attack on the UESC Marathon, the drinniol were known to be incredibly strong and durable.


The Pfhor specifically targeted alien societies with low levels of technology and defenses. The slaves taken from these worlds serve primarily as manual labor domestically, and soldiers abroad. The drinniol's physiology would surely make them desirable targets for Pfhor subjugation.[1] At at unknown date, a Pfhor scientist implanted a drinniol with a Jjaro Cybernetic Junction, leading to one of the worst slave revolts in Pfhor history.[2]

Humanity made contact with the drinniol and many other races during the Battle of Tau Ceti. During which, a single Pfhor scout ship, Sfiera, launched a surprise attack on the UESC Marathon. Drinniol were deployed alongside Pfhor, S'pht and Wasps to subdue the vessel and the Tau Ceti IV colony below. In one reported incident, a drinniol identified itself to a member of the Marathon's crew before smashing a human against a pillar.[3]


The drinniol sported no body fat. As such, they required constant food in order to even stay alive.[3]