Hello and welcome to CyberAcme, a fansite dedicated to the Marathon franchise and its fictional universe! CyberAcme is primarily a wiki with a mission to document every aspect of the Marathon franchise. However, CyberAcme is also home to a community of like-minded fans, dedicated to building the wiki and making it the best it can be. To that end, the site has many social features available, such as social profiles, talk pages, and our Discord server.

About the wiki

A wiki is a website where users collaborate to create a detailed documentation of a particular topic. The crucial difference between an ordinary encyclopedia and a wiki, however, is that absolutely anyone can view and edit a wiki, for free. In essence, a wiki is simply a specialized online encyclopedia, maintained by fans of its topic.

For instance, the most widely known example of a wiki is Wikipedia. Unlike Wikipedia, however, CyberAcme exists to specifically document the Marathon franchise and its universe. As a result, all information held within the confines of CyberAcme is related to Marathon, either directly, or peripherally.


While visiting the site, CyberAcme asks that you follow the rules and policies that are in place here. The rules are designed to ensure that all users can happily and peacefully coexist on the website, as well as to guarantee a minimum level of quality for all content on the wiki.

Joining in

CyberAcme is always on the look-out for new users, as editors are the lifeblood of the wiki. Anyone with an interest in Marathon is welcome to join in and work on the wiki. You don't need to make an application or ask permission first; simply make an account, familiarize yourself with the rules and Manual of Style, and then get involved!

For newcomers looking to help out, CyberAcme has help pages containing useful tips to help them get started.

More information

CyberAcme has a large collection of information pages that go into further in-depth about the site and its operation. If you would like to know more, one of the following pages should be able to answer your queries.

In addition, at the bottom of this page is a complete list of all official CyberAcme information, policy and help pages, in case the above pages didn't give you the information you need. If you still have unanswered questions, one of CyberAcme's administrators would be happy to help you. A list of admins can be found here.