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2 kilometers

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Pfhor FTL network

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Participated battles:

Battle of Tau Ceti, Battle of Lh'owon

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Pfhor, later Durandal

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Marathon (1994)


Boomer, originally Sfiera, was the Pfhor ship responsible for the attack on the Tau Ceti colony and the UESC Marathon.

Through the subterfuge of Durandal, the Sfiera was alerted to the colony's location and conducted an attack on the Marathon, causing major damage. Durandal, alongside the Security Officer, then persuaded S'pht slaves aboard the ship to rebel against the Pfhor, disrupting the Pfhor attack. All non-S'pht members of the crew were lost and the vessel was hijacked by Durandal.

Under Durandal's command, Boomer would serve as his personal exploration vessel and undergo extensive modifications to its systems. These upgrades would serve the ship well during the liberation of the S'pht homeworld of Lh'owon.



Durandal originally alerted the Pfhor about the colony at Tau Ceti,[1] which led to the Sfiera's attack. When the Security Officer and Durandal defeated the Pfhor aboard the Marathon, Durandal and his crew of S'pht took control of the ship to search for a way to escape the end of the universe. Before leaving the Tau Ceti system however, Durandal teleported an unknown number of the Marathon's crew aboard his ship for later usage, including the Security Officer. This began a seventeen-year expedition for the S'pht homeworld, Lh'owon.

Marathon 2: Durandal[edit]

After dropping out of orbit above Lh'owon, Durandal used the ship as a base of operations against the Pfhor occupiers and a manufacturing facility to provide his soldiers with arms. Making use of the ship's teleporter, Durandal sent the Security Officer down to the planet to investigate the S'pht ruins in the Citadel of Antiquity in the hopes of repelling the Pfhor Empire's advance and to discover more about the ancient alien race known as the Jjaro.

Soon after Durandal destroyed parts of Battle Group Three and the Pfhor's Lh'owon garrison,[2] Pfhor High Command sent Admiral Tfear and Battle Group Seven to destroy Durandal and capture Boomer. Despite early success, the overwhelming Pfhor fleet disabled Boomer, which made an emergency landing on Lh'owon's second moon Y'loa.[3] As a result the Security Officer was teleported back to the ship to slow down the Pfhor boarders and Tycho's interference.[4]

After the defeat of the Pfhor at Lh'owon by the S'pht'Kr, Durandal later took the Pfhor battleship Khfiva, the largest ship of Battle Group Seven and Admiral Tfear's flagship, as his flagship.[5]


Under the Pfhor, Boomer was likely an unremarkable vessel, possibly a corvette-class ship.[6] In addition to its FTL drive, it carried fighters (one of which destroys the Security Officer's shuttle, the Mirata)[7] and a Pfhor cyborg that controlled the S'pht aboard.[8] It also carries unknown number of low-yield nuclear missiles that were used to destroy the spaceport on Tau Ceti IV, and an unknown number of particle beam cannons.

Both the Pfhor and Durandal made use of its stasis chambers and teleporters, though only the former made use of the ship's ability capability to create simulacrums.

Under Durandal's command, the vessel would undergo many modifications to allow it to go head to head with entire Pfhor fleets. The range of the particle beam was doubled, and greatly strengthened. In the opening engagement above Lh'owon, these weapons were capable of bypassing Pfhor shielding and crippled the entirety of Battle Group Three within minutes. [9]. The vessel was also capable of manufacturing weapons for Durandal and his allies during the battle of Lh'owon.[10]


Under the Pfhor[edit]

Under Durandal[edit]

  • Durandal
  • The Security Officer
  • Unknown number of abducted Marathon crew
  • Unknown number of S'pht


Sfiera was the original name of the ship, named for the Pfhor goddess of lightning and passion. After Durandal captured the ship, the S'pht on board named the ship Narhl'Lar, which means "Freedom and Vengeance". Durandal calls it Boomer.[11]