Unified Earth Space Council

Unified Earth Space Council
Image of the new UESC emblem. Sourced from the Marathon Story Page. May not be official.
The UESC emblem
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Marcus Tiberius Buendia


The Unified Earth Space Council, commonly abbreviated to UESC, was the organization governing humanity's space exploration and colonization efforts.

Its headquarters were located at the Unified Earth Space Council Center, Reconciliation Court, Strauss Archology, United States of America.


Project Marathon[edit]

Under Project Marathon, the UESC commissioned the UESC Marathon to colonize Tau Ceti, which was launched in 2472 by UESC President Marcus Tiberius Buendia.[1]

Third Martian War[edit]

The UEG and the UESC fought against MIDA and the Martian insurgents following the Misriah Massacre and the failed MIDA coup in 2446.[2]

Project Goliath[edit]

When the UESC lost communications with the colony by 2795, The UESC initiated Project Goliath to investigate the colony's fate with the UESC Equanimity in 2797. The Equanimity reached Tau Ceti IV by 2893.


The UESC is governed by the Unified Earth Space Security Council, and has a Secretary-General and a President.


  • The UESC is misspelled 'UESG' and 'USEC' throughout the original Marathon trilogy.[3]

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