Sekiguchi Group

Sekiguchi Group
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Corporate Entity/Zaibatsu

Historical overview

Notable events:

Creation of the first the first artificial brain implant module.


Sekiguchi Group was a corporate group that encompassed multiple smaller organizations including Sekiguchi Genetics and Sekiguchi Electronics. Since its founding in 2152, the company has been expanding its reach over the centuries. As of 2888, the company proclaims itself a leader in robotics, autonomous vehicle manufacturing, prosthetics and cloning. [1]


Founded by Hideo Murakami in 2152, Sekiguchi Electronics primarily did business in the fields of quantum computing and super conductivity. In the later years, the company would continue to grow further and further. In 2157, Sekiguchi expanded into the automotive and robotic industries. By 2158, it had developed its first artificial brain implant module.

By 2192, Sekiguchi was constructing various prosthetics and would later begin constructing full body prosthetics in 2459. [1]


  • At the time of writing, the Sekiguchi website has been taken down. The link now redirects to the Marathon website.
  • It is unclear what the relationship is between Sekiguchi Group and its subsidiaries, or how autonomous these subsidiaries are.