MIDA insignia in purple. Sourced from the Marathon story page.
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Political party, later terrorist group

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Notable events:

Third Martian War, Martian Coup of 2466


MIDA was a revolutionary movement, government and terrorist organization created to further Martian interests against the UESC. They were successful for a time, and took control of Mars during the Third Martian War, but were unsuccessful in repelling the UESC response.

MIDA operatives infiltrated the UESC Marathon's construction project and smuggled weapons and Battleroids aboard in hopes of beginning a new rebellion far from Earth. Since then, MIDA had been formally brought into the fold by Traxus.

Older generations of MIDA were content with working with the other factions of Sol to pursue their own ends, but younger ones saw their elders as sellouts and traitors to their cause.


MIDA rose to prominence during the collapse of the Martian economy.[1] As the CRISTs broke down, anti-UESC sentiment festered on the planet. Food riots were not uncommon, and many on Mars called for the UESC Marathon to be converted into another CRIST to supplement the aging five. The UESC did not seriously consider the proposal.[2]

This came to a head during the Misriah Massacre. On January 4, 2345, a riot broke out at the Misriah food distribution center. UESC riot troopers were deployed with information suggesting that the rioters were armed. After coming under plasma fire from the crowd, the troopers' hovertank opened fire. Only three rioters were confirmed to have been armed, but their actions would pave the way for the Third Martian War. Since then, they were known as the Misriah Three.[1]

MIDA took control of Mars in a coup in 2466.[3] During their three-month stint in power, MIDA forfeited its historical doctrine of its long ranging policies and politicking. MIDA radicals and death squads slaughtered anyone suspected of being a UESC sympathizer or loyalist. By the time the UESC had formally responded and recaptured the planet, MIDA had killed 10% of the Martian population.[1]

In the interim, MIDA went underground and continued operations against the UESC as a terrorist organization. They smuggled Battleroids and other military equipment aboard the UESC Marathon, in the hopes of taking over the Tau Ceti colony far from Earth's control.[4] [5]

It is unknown how MIDA's operations continued back in Sol after the Marathon's departure. However, at an unknown date, Mars was formally granted independence from Earth.[6]

After that, MIDA fragmented.[6] Older generations of the group took their progress in stride, while the younger ones declared the old guard as "corrupt". MIDA's goals and motives remain unclear during this time. However, they remained active into 2794 and were responsible for the events of the leaking of Project Goliath.

Infiltration of Project Goliath[edit]

See Marathon ARG

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  • The dates given in the Marathon 1 terminals were officially retconned by Bungie after the game's release in the Lost Network Packets.[3] As such, this article is using the current iteration of the timeline. However, they are still subject to change.
  • It's not known whether 'MIDA' has a specific meaning. Throughout the Marathon 202x ARG, MIDA itself uses different meanings for the acronym.[7]
  • The MIDA weapons from Destiny originated from the Marathon universe, and contain records pertaining to the events of these games.