Battleroids were humanity's elite super soldiers. Called "all of the destructive knowledge of mankind"[1], Battleroids were revered as some of the most powerful weapons ever created by humans. Accordingly, their usage was heavily regulated and controlled by the governments of Sol.

10 of them were capable of completely turning the tide in the Battle of Tau Ceti, and a lone Battleroid was instrumental of the S'pht liberation of Lh'owon.


Battleroids were first devised in 2194, during the war between Independent Asteroid Government of Icarus and its neighbor, the Republic of Thermopylae on the asteroid of Onicis 492. Both sides made extensive use of them until Battleroids got onto both asteroids and wiped out both populations completely.

20 years later, the United Interplanetary League passed legislation restricting their usage and implementing storage regulations. Despite that, Battleroids remained ubiquitous throughout Sol, serving as bodyguards for high profile UESC politicians and hunting down MIDA dissidents.[2]

After the Marathon's launch, cybernetic technology has greatly progressed. Modern 3rd generation cyborgs, such as the Mjölnir Mk VII-IX, Sharur Mk 2-6, are noted to be very distinct from older iterations of Battleroids, despite sharing the same nomenclature.[3] Modern cyborgs in Sol have seen their roles expanded, and as of 2794, are no longer considered just weapons of war.

General design[edit]

Battleroids were originally created from the corpses of dead soldiers. Battleroids are physically stronger, faster and more durable than the average human. No doubt thanks to their genetically augmented muscles, neural implants and titanium coated bones.[1]

They are capable of passing as normal humans, as the 10 Mjolnir Mk IV cyborgs aboard the Marathon were able to live without suspicion among the colonists.[4]


Player character


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  • Battleroids would go onto serve as the basis for Halo's Spartans
  • The memories of Battleroids are highly suspect, and whether they are manipulated is hotly debated.
  • It is heavily implied that the player character was created using Jjaro technology, whether Jjaro tech was used ubiquitously across the platform is unknown as of yet.[5]