Bernhard Strauss

Bernhard Strauss
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Killed in the Pfhor attack on the Marathon

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Marathon (1994)


Dr Bernhard H. Strauss was the Head of AI Management and Systems Improvement for Project Marathon,[1] and the first science director onboard the UESC Marathon.[2] He took a special interest in researching the effects of rampancy, using Durandal as his subject.[3] According to Tycho, Strauss kept Durandal in the first stage of rampancy for years.[4]

When the Pfhor attacked the Marathon in 2794, Strauss was among the Marathon crew abducted by the Pfhor on the Sfiera. Durandal sent the Security Officer to search for him onboard the ship, but the search was unsuccessful.[5]

A reference to Strauss in the Destiny weapon, the MIDA Mini-Tool, suggests he was a member of MIDA who had infiltrated Project Marathon.


  • Bernard Strauss shares his name with a former professor in the Department of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology at the University of Chicago, where Jason Jones and Alex Seropian both graduated.