Trih xeem

The trih xeem was a powerful weapon that was used to force a star to undergo an early supernova. Originally created by the Jjaro, after their disappearance the Pfhor had captured a number of these weapons.


The trih xeem was used on at least three occasions;

  • once against the Nakh – a "client" race of the Jjaro – and their rebellion six thousand years before the events of Marathon 2: Durandal;
  • once against the Drinniol, in an undated slave rebellion;[1][2]
  • and once on Lh'owon's sun in Marathon 2: Durandal.[2][3]

Marathon Infinity[edit]

The trih xeem is a main plot point in Marathon Infinity as the Security Officer jumps timelines to prevent the Pfhor from releasing the dormant W'rkncacnter with the weapon.[2][4]