Marathon's Story Page

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The Marathon Story Page is a website with the main goal of providing a convenient way to read the terminals and piece together Marathon's complex story. Along with the information it stores, it also compiles other media related to Marathon, like printed Manuals and Concept Art. The site has a Blog, written by Hamish, and lengthy records of discussions about the many topics and mysteries included and surrounding marathon's story. It is also notable for documenting many direct interactions with Bungie early developers and founders, whose emails have been considered for nuance in certain discussions.


Founded in September 19, 1995 by Hamish Sinclair.

First blog post in September 21, 1995. [1]

Forum added in May 5, 2001, first post by Claude Errera.[2]

Recieved and published the "Lost Network Packets", as they were sent directly to Hamish.[3]