Zeus-Class Fusion pistol

Zeus-Class Fusion pistol
Fusion Pistol illustration from the Marathon 2 manual
Production overview


Semi Automatic Energy Projection Weapon


Tech .50 Fusion Pistol


Ammunition type:

High-energy bolts


20 standard energy bolts / 4 charged bolts

Feed system:

Fusion battery


Energy Projection



Service history

In service:

Battle of Lh'owon

Marathon information

First appearance:

Marathon 2: Durandal


One of many new weapons developed by Durandal and his S'pht allies, the Zeus-Class Fusion pistol served as the mass produced successor to the Marathon's Tech .50 Fusion Pistol. Excelling against cybernetic and flesh targets alike, this weapon was instrumental in operations against the Pfhor during the Battle of Lh'owon.[1]

Design Details[edit]

Like its predecessor, the Zeus-Class Fusion Pistol was a directed energy weapon. It could send 20 energy bolts down range with its primary fire, or overcharge itself to fire a single, more devastating bolt.

The main improvement made by the S'pht was the weapon's ability to short-circuit Pfhor-built machinery.[2] However, the weapon also suffered from stability issues as there were a limited number of them seized by Durandal during the Battle of Tau Ceti.[3]


The fusion pistol is one of the main counters to the cybernetic Pfhor enemies. It deals increased damage against all cybernetic enemies, and those killed by the weapon can explode to deal even more damage in their group. Despite lacking the higher rates of fire of other weapons in its class, the fusion pistol excels at taking down heavily armored targets.

Like in the previous game, it can be used in vacuum. However, if used under water, the weapon will short circuit and deal damage to the player instead of firing.