One of the many tools at humanity's disposal, Cyborgs are mechanically-altered humans some times grafted to neural implants. Not to be confused with clones, simulacrums, or Pfhor cyborgs.


The first use of cyborgs by humanity was the implementation of Battleroids; these were revived soldiers whose physical and mental abilities had been augmented using easy to manufacture chips, bioengineered muscles and titanium bones.

These were implemented on the 2194 war between the Independent Asteroid Government of Icarus and its neighbor, the Republic of Thermopylae on the asteroid of Onicis 492. The outcome of their use was the almost total annihilation of both belligerents. In 2214, the United Interplanetary League set up rules for the appropriate use and storage of Battleroids.[1]

Common use cyborgs[edit]

Originally, cyborgs were meant for war, but since the Marathon's departure, have been used at Sol for widely different tasks.