For ease of access, the wiki has been split into three eras, which are described on this article. When editing articles, include the main Category and the specific category if it applies. For example, community sites are not to be subject to this division.

Original Trilogy

Anything from Marathon to Marathon: Infinity, including only content, stories and revisions that are considered canon. For example, the Lost Packages are not in any game, but are canon to Marathon.

Lost in Time

Here goes all the stories and content written or created by Bungie that either didn't get into canon, is just a reference or cannot be categorized just yet, some examples are The Cortana Letters, the MIDA Multi-Tool and the MIDA Mini-Tool.

New Marathon

Articles from this group of categories will be subject to constant modification, as information about the game is released and the community makes findings or progress either in game or in ARGs.