CyberAcme:Changing username

This wiki has a Renameuser extension installed, which allows bureaucrats to change any user account name that was originally registered with to a new name, as long as it's nonexisting in the database (i.e. not registered by someone else).

All edits made by the user will be changed in the edit history to reflect the change. Here are the limits:

  • Each user may only change their name twice within one year.
  • Changing & then reversing the change counts as two renames. So e.g. going from Alpha to Beta and back to Alpha wastes your rename privileges for the year. Therefore please be 100% sure you'll be happy with your name change!
  • All requests go at the bottom section of this page, not on the user talk of bureaucrats.

How to

  1. Create a sub-section under "Requests" for each name change, with the title "(Oldname) to (Newname)".
  2. At the top of the section, use {{renameuser}} and its two variables, first the current username (case-sensitive) to the desired username (also case-sensitive).
  3. Leave a comment as to why you want the change after the template, and submit. It does not matter if the 2nd name (after the →) is red (pages uncreated) or green (pages created previously), though in most cases it will be red.
  4. Bureaucrats will check this page daily and if accepted can use the "Rename" link on the top-right corner of each section to directly change the username and move all userspace pages.
  5. The bureaucrat should say accepted or rejected in each section, and if rejected, why (such as already done twice this year).