.45 Magnum Mega Class

.45 Magnum Mega Class
Image of the .45 Magnum Mega Class from the Marathon manual.
Marathon 1 MagnumSprite.png
Production overview


Semi Automatic Pistol


.44 Magnum Mega Class A1


Ammunition type:

.45 caliber high velocity, vacuum enabled teflon rounds


8 rounds

Feed system:

Revolving cylinder





Service history

In service:


Marathon information

First appearance:

Marathon (1994)


The Mega Class Magnum was the standard sidearm issued to the UESC Marathon's security forces, and the first weapon given to the Security Officer in the first Marathon game. Accurate and reliable, the weapon was the work horse of the UESC colonists during the Pfhor attack on Tau Ceti IV.

Design detailsEdit

The Mega Class Magnum is a .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol built from titanium. Sporting a scope and eight round magazine, it fires teflon coated rounds. It is also one of the few weapons in the game capable of firing in vacuum.[1]


In the Marathon 2 manual, Durandal criticizes the MMC as a mass produced, and low cost weapon meant to line the pockets of government-owned arms manufacturers.[2]


Durandal's S'pht used the MMC as the basis for their own variant, the .44 Magnum Mega Class A1.


The magnum is the player's starting weapon and workhorse in Marathon. It is by far the most accurate weapon in the game, except for the rocket launcher, and is capable of being dual wielded. Though not as proficient as chewing through hordes of Pfhor in CQC, the magnum allows for the player to hang back and pick them off at range.

It is also one of the few vacuum enabled weapons.


  • The MMC shares a lot in common with Halo's original pistol design [3]
  • Even though it has a scope on its sprite, the player cannot zoom in with this weapon. It lacks this feature in the Marathon (1994) manual.