Teleporters were a technology that had been commonplace in human civilization for almost five hundred years before the UESC Marathon's arrival in the Tau Ceti system, and were often found aboard the ship.[1]

Usage and concepts[edit]

Standard teleporters operated using jump pads. When activated, the user was teleported from the entrance pad to a landing pad. [2] When exiting a teleporter, the subject is enveloped by the Tuncer Mirage Effect (TME), the static of space blurring and focusing.

Advancements by Durandal[edit]

After making contact with the S'pht, Durandal modified the teleporters to transport the Security Officer to the Sfiera without the need for a landing pad.[3] After Durandal subjugated the Sfiera, he used its teleporters to transport and resupply his forces during the Liberation of Lh'owon.[4]

Pfhor Usage[edit]

Throughout the Battle of Lh'owon, the Pfhor made use of teleportation technology as well. Just like Durandal's modification, their teleporters did not require a landing pad.[5]


Teleportation can be impaired by electromagnetic interference or thick rocks.[6] [7]


  • Transporter, teleporter, and jump pads are all used interchangeably in the first Marathon game.
  • The static effect for teleportation, is the same as the static effect for the invincibility pick-up.
  • There are references to Pfhor teleportation terminals in Charon Doesn't Make Change.</ref>
  • In the Marathon 1 manual, the Pfhor ship is stated to be enveloped by the Tuncer Mirage Effect, as it warps into the system.[1]