A bot is an automated or semi-automated account for performing repetitive tasks that would be extremely tedious to do manually. A bot is capable of making edits at an extremely rapid rate, and can cause damage to the wiki if incorrectly designed or operated. For these reasons, a bot policy has been developed.

Bot policy

Unauthorized bots are not permitted on CyberAcme. A bot must be approved by the community and bear a bot flag in order to run. Unauthorized bots will be blocked if caught editing.

Because a bot is capable of making several edits per minute, it may clog up recent changes. For this reason, any authorized bot for CyberAcme is required to have a bot flag. A bot flag is a user group right, and may be set on any account. Edits made by such accounts are hidden from the recent changes page by default. Accounts with a bot flag are listed here.

Bot requirements

Approvals for bots may be requested on the talk page. If a community consensus is reached, a bureaucrat will set the bot flag. Users are advised to review the requirements for a bot:

  • It has no malicious intentions.
  • It is to be used preferably for a task not currently handled by another bot.
  • It carefully adheres to relevant policies and guidelines.

The editing speed of a bot should be regulated. Recently-approved bots, or bots in trial period should have an edit rate which allows their edits to be monitored and reviewed as necessary.

How to set up a bot

In the case you been allowed to set up a bot, here is a list of trusted places that have been previously used by administrators in the past for their own bots.

  • AutoWikiBrowser: A semi-automated MediaWiki editor designed to make tedious or repetitive editing tasks quicker and easier.