To link to a "main article" on a topic, use {{Main|Title of other article}}.

Advanced usage (multiple main articles)

For multiple main articles, use {{Main|Main Article 1|Main Article 2}}.

Advanced usage (changing a link's name)

You may want the main article's name to show up differently; named parameters are good for the job.

|1=Main Article 1
|l1=Link Title 1
|2=Main Article 2
|l2=Link Title 2

Note that the named parameters are a lowercase "L" and a number, not the number 1 and then another number.

Advanced usage (interwiki link)

This template is also capable of linking to another wiki. Note: To link articles in Halopedia, make sure the "wiki" path is removed and make sure the links you added are accurate. wiki refers to the interwiki prefix of the wiki. For a list of interwiki prefixes, see Special:Interwiki.


Use w1= (or any other number) to set the interwiki prefix per entry.


This template also has an additional feature. Below is an example

  • 1= refers to the actual link.
  • l1= refers to an optional yet customizable title for the link.
|1=Michael J. Caboose
|l1=Caboose Blue Team

"See also"

To change the wording from "Main article" to "See also", simply add anything in the |see= parameters. Below is an example:

{{Main|see=1|Halo 1|Halo 2|Halo 3|Halo 4}}